* Special access to the Wednesday blog, which gives a more in-depth look at the historical topic of the week with context and analysis.

* The Wednesday blog also features highlights and video from weekly City Council meetings to keep you up-to-date and a forum for discussion.

Remember, if it happened yesterday, it's already history!

* Finally, members are able to contribute pictures and written memories

to Historical Mapping and Local Memory Projects.

Membership is only $4.99 /month

and includes access to member benefits of the Mobile History Project as well as access to the Members-Only blog of the Mobile Mardi Gras Trail, documenting the real history of Mardi Gras in Mobile.


Local History Matters.  Start Engaging Now.

Communities prosper when citizens share a personal connection, strive together to celebrate accomplishments and overcome obstacles, when their important role in its development is recognized and validated.  This "attachment to place" is strengthened by a better understanding of our shared heritage.


Every city has its own DNA. Understanding the history of our city and community increases our awareness and understanding, strengthens our commitment to one another, as well as our dedication to the city and its future.

Sharing the real stories of our past brings us closer. Share your story and know all you can by becoming a member today.

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